There’s something always fascinating about SF and the Bay area: it’s in the air.

You know you’re in THE place where things happen. The only limits, your own.

Many here, dream of the Everest, some are there already.

Between a simple initial idea and the summit, already at base camp, 30 startups from all continents, chosen by Google for their top growth-stage from emerging ecosystems.

In other words for their enthusiasm, potential, vision and results.

They are part of Google Launchpad Accelerator, “a six month program that includes an intensive two week bootcamp in San Francisco and mentoring across Google and expert mentors from top technology companies and VCs in Silicon Valley and globally”.

To help the 30 selected startups, Google has invited to SF for the early March 5th edition, more than 60 mentors from all over the world; they are serial entrepreneurs, VC gurus, top notch artists in UI/UX/AI, IxD, SEO and experts in business development.

Beyond the obvious technology and finance questions, all startups attending this bootcamp appear to be facing sales related challenges. Not many mentors focus on this; I do.

Their sales challenges range from “my salespeople don’t hit the numbers (ranked #1), to “how to reduce sales cycle?”

Commonly: “to whom should we sell first, can’t find the right sales profile, users are offloading our app, how to go international” etc. These questions are not yet resolved by AI and will probably never be.

Why? Because all solutions have in common to reside out of analytics areas and cold reasoning spaces.

Solutions can be unlocked only when participants are faced with straightforward questioning, put before their patterns and biases, exposed to their own implicit messages; when they receive direct feedback and have a chance to listen to inspiring experiences. That’s what a sales mentor does.

Developing business is not only about responding to client technical or financial needs, it is about addressing values not fully satisfied. Human intelligence can identify them.

Founders like to get real ground level solutions to their problems; it is a surprise for many, but when it comes to sales, the solutions are not digital, they are simply human.

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